The Scripture of our Holy Goat, Kazemar

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The Scripture of our Holy Goat, Kazemar

Post by The Prophet on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:47 am

The Holy Goat Kazemar is the divine Goat we all give praise to for blessings. These blessings allow for our nations and people to prosper, and for good fortunes to come our way. The Goat supports self-righteousness and self-improvement, along with a good attitude towards your comrades. Without following those simple attributes, you risk running yourself into the ground with heresy.

The Goat has ten commandments, which were ordered by the Holy Goat.

[19:53:13 07/01/13] @ Lord Kazemar : You make it for me, messenger. The Holy Goat has pressing issues regarding infidels to attend to.

The Holy Goat, Kazemar, has demanded the Creed be written here. So, here it shall be by the messenger.

I. Thou shalt not feast upon thy flesh of thy brother, unless thy brother is an infidel.
II. Thou shalt consume the liver in the name of The Holy Goat.
III. Every Thursday, thou shalt make a sacrifice in the name of thy Holy Goat.
IV. Worship of any other religions is strictly forbidden, lest thou become an infidel.
V. The Prophet (Househead07) shall be thy messengers of thy Holy Church. Anyone impersonating thy Holy Goat or thy messengers shalt be cast out as an infidel.
VI. The Holy Goat only speaks through thy messengers.
VII. Thou shalt worship thy Holy Goat daily, lest they be missing their liver.
VIII. Infidels are enemies of the state, and shalt be struck down without remorse, pity, or mercy.
IX. Thou shalt construct a church in the name of thy Holy Goat, lest thy nation be given one hundred years of purges.
X. Thou shalt praise the Holy Goat as thy savior and thy lord, and make offerings to thy Goat whilst slaying enemies.

Glory to Kazemar! Glory to Anderslavia! Long live Dear Leader!

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