They love me all my people with me they love me all

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They love me all my people with me they love me all

Post by Dear Leader on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:23 pm

FACT: Dear Leader invented sugar to treat the Anderslavian people's taste buds
Fiction: Sugar was obtained during the invasion of Okivara.

FACT: Dear Leader allowed the Revolutionaries who protested their lack of bread rations in the town square to return to their daily lives.
Fiction: The Revolutionaries were rounded up and used for bayonet practising for protesting against the state.

FACT: Supreme Leader visits foreign orphanages with Anderslavian candies to please the sad suffering children of the west.
Fiction: The Anderslavian leader often travels to foreign orphanages and poisons the foreign children with candies laced with arsenic.

FACT: Anderslavian Airlines are the safest airlines on the planet.
Fiction: Anderslavian Airlines are often shot down by Anderslavian military aircraft without any prior notice.

FACT: Anderslavia is known to treat its prisoners of war well.
Fiction: Anderslavia often executes its PoW''s and claims that they are still alive in detention facilities.

FACT: Dear Leader invented the first computer, the designs were stolen from him by evil westerners.
Fiction: The First Computer in Anderslavia was not produced Domestically.

FACT: The Anderslavian Populace love Dear Leader so much they often throw themselves in front of trains when they make errors pronouncing Dear Leader's Name.
Fiction: Anderslavin Civilians are brainwashed with propaganda to the point in which they often commit suicide in the name of the state.

FACT: Dear Leader is so loved by the world's foreign populace that nations who are being conquered often surrender because they love Anderslavia so much.
Fiction: Anderslavia's military is often so ruthless the soldiers are known to execute toddlers in the streets for amusement. Surrender to the Anderslavian Military is often common.
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Re: They love me all my people with me they love me all

Post by The Prophet on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:12 pm

Glory to Anderslavia!
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