The Dictionary of Kazemar

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The Dictionary of Kazemar

Post by The Prophet on Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:01 am

Kazemar has a simple dictionary designed to help his followers understand some of the double-edged meaning words that go farther in depth. The Prophet is here to help you understand what each truly is so you may be truly enlightened in your speeches comending Kazemar.

The Holy Prophet: The voice of Kazemar in the mortal realm. Kazemar speaks to the Prophet in dreams, during prayer, during combat, and during trial of infidels. The Holy Prophet is the only true voice of Kazemar and must be followed to ensure total obedience to Kazemar.

The Holy Disciples: The extension of the Prophet's will and echoes of his words. The Holy Disciples of Kazemar are some of the most committed souls to Kazemar, understanding what our mighty deity needs and craves for us to survive. The Disciples are handpicked by the Prophet under the supervision of Kazemar.

Infidel: In most cases infidels are slobbering idiots who believe their corrupted and misguided selfish ways place them above our humble deity. Infidels cannot be brought into Kazemar's embrace for they are far to corrupt and stupid to understand Kazemar and all his glory. Infidels should be taunted and killed on sight in the name of Kazemar.

Crusade: Kazemar's crusades are campaigns that consist of the slaughter of infidels and the enlightenment of souls who can be recovered from the destruction caused by the savage infidels. Kazemar calls a crusade through the words of the Holy Prophet, who will gather forces and attack the infidel-infested areas.

Jihad: Kazemar's jihads are lengthy conflicts that are fought viciously by Kazemar's followers. In the event that a nation, state, or ethnic group of people decide that they will oppose Kazemar and deface him, Kazemar will announce a jihad through the Holy Prophet. Jihads are not completed until the enemy faction has been wiped out or admits that Kazemar is a superior being to the, and repent for their idiotic ways.
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Re: The Dictionary of Kazemar

Post by Dear Leader on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:37 pm

It brings great joy to Dear Leader to read this glorious set of definitions.
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